Empower The children of Malawi to become educated, independent leaders of society.

With your support, access to education, water, and upliftment is within reach of those who need it most.
Empower the nation of Malawi by empowering the children and the next generation of leadership.
Provide people from around the world with an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the success of Malawi’s community.
Break the cycle of poverty by providing free tertiary education to students who need it most.

Support a nation through a single, easy donation.

To the world you may be one person, but to the children of Malawi, you are the door to their success.


Key Projects

Our projects are designed to provide relief and support to Malawi’s most needy communities. Often, without these basic needs being met, the Malawian child can never hope to achieve a path out of poverty.

Malawi’s first Islamic university. 100% free.

Zamzam University is Malawi's very first Islamic university. With approval and support from Malawi's National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), the University will be free and accessible to all, uniting children in their academic path to graduate and post-graduate studies.
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