The average child in Malawi does not have a formal education as parents cannot afford schooling. Girls are often overburdened with household chores such as looking for water and food. As a result, girls are far less likely to be literate than boys.
We understand that education makes up one of the foundations for a brighter future, and we want to give every child in Malawi an equal chance to accomplish their dreams. For more than 20 years, together with continued support from generous donors, we have been positively contributing to the educational landscape in Malawi through free schooling and scholarship opportunities locally and abroad.

The greatest privilege is being able to afford others the privilege of education.


Education Projects

Free Schooling

We provide free nursery, primary and secondary education in schools that we have built and continue to manage.

Zamzam Scholarships

We award scholarships to students for tertiary education in Malawi and Uganda, including fields such as nursing.

Zamzam University

Our free university, including a Teacher's Training Campus to help fulfil Malawi's shortage of 6500+ teachers nationwide.

School for all. 100% Free.

When you help educate a child, you educate a family and the generations to come.