Zamzam University

The First Islamic University in Malawi.

Zamzam University is 100% free to attend, bringing together children from all over Malawi and ensuring they have access to higher education, regardless of circumstance.
Without a tertiary education, Malawi's youth have a narrow chance of earning gainful employment and securing a better life for themselves. Uneducated youth often turn to early parenthood or lives of poverty and unemployment. Through Zamzam University, they can finally earn a higher education, attain their goals, and provide a path out of poverty for their families.

Your support makes it possible.

This historic milestone is only achievable through the moral and financial support from generous donors like you.

Teacher’s Training Campus

Zamzam University’s First Campus

With the support of the Malawian Ministry of Education and relevant authorities, we’ve made significant progress in Zamzam University’s first campus, the Teacher’s Training Campus. The approval has been granted, the syllabus has been developed, and with your support, the plans are in place to start our first student intake.

Guaranteed Employment

The Teacher’s Training Campus holds immense importance as it addresses the urgent need for teachers in Malawi, where there is currently a shortage of 6 500 teachers across the country.

Graduates from this campus will have a guaranteed opportunity for lifelong employment within government schools, educating the next generation of leaders.